Heat Pumps India the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a wide range of Heat pumps, we offer an advanced range of quality products like water heating equipment, air heating and drying equipment etc., based on extensive research and market analysis, our products are backed by one year of warranty for any manufacturing defect. Our broad portfolio of products includes the following.



Air Source Heat PumpAlternate to conventional heating & cooling system Scanair Air Source Heat Pumps have proved to be the most cost effective energy saving systems the country wide. Scanair air source heat pumps will maintained temperature range from 24°C To + 80° C ± 2° C, capacity from 3 Kw to 150 Kw from 10 Lpm to 300 Lpm with different from capacity. Easy and practical to open side panels for servicing each plumbing, refrigeration accessories, electrical accessories.  Compressors incorporate in a variety of safeguards that ensure durability including an internal pressure relief valve, motor temperature protections superior oil management functionality.


Water Source Heat pumpScanair water source heat pumps are the definition of Green Technology. Our heat pumps can harvest the free energy provided by the earth and sun to produce the most energy efficient water heating available. We utilize non-ozone depleting refrigerant to transfer energy from a low quality heat source to a high quality hot water supply. Scanair heat pump water heaters have zero emissions and further reduce your carbon footprint by maximizing efficiency and minimizing electricity consumption.


Industrial Heat PumpScanair industrial heat pumps are engineered for demanding process fluid heating applications and incorporate the latest in industry leading design and control. Packed with enhanced futures and hi performance refrigeration components our self contained world class imported scroll technology compressor is used for manufacturing these units, which ensures reliable operation, energy efficient system and environmental protection. Our heat ex-changer for Freon to water heating is manufactured with multiple injection flow technology with Freon circuit, dynamically balanced blower fan and evaporator.


Solar Heat PumpThe Solar heat pump hot water system has two heat ex-changer coils inside the  tank, one of the coils is connected to the solar collector, the other to the heat pump. The coils use glycol as the heat transfer fluid. The solar circuit system has its own pumps and controls to ensure that a maximum of solar energy is utilized for heating water and the auxiliary heating source turns on automatically to ensure hot water in the storage tank at all times. Scanair heat pump assisted solar drying system is an excellent alternative to traditional drying systems.




Industrial DryerScanair industrial dryers strongly committed to quality, our range of products are fabricated according to design and requirements like walk in Drying Chamber, Drying room, Drying Equipment, Elevated Temperature or Cold room with humidity control, heated room with steamer control etc. Chamber with Hot or Cold or Dry or Wet with full digital control features. Industrial dryers are mostly used in large scale drying of food grains and products, that has to be preserved by removing moisture.