Scanair manufacturer of a wide range of Vegetable Tray Dryer and Drying Ovens attached with heat pump dryers, that is widely used for heating, ageing, drying and many other drying purposes, located in Chennai, India, Scanair range of Drying Ovens are designed for parallel placement of the material that results in increased production and saves batch timing by convenient loading and unloading. This types of Tray Dryers are available with external temperature control panel, and high temperature can also be fabricated. Owing to the superior quality of our products, our wide range of products are widely used in the Industry. Moreover, these ovens are available in various sizes and models to choose them.

Vegetable Dryer

Tray Dryers are used to obtain a high-quality dried product, fruits, vegetables and meats need to be prepared before drying. Good preparation practices are a prerequisite for the final dried product quality. Fruits and vegetables must be washed prior to drying to remove soil and other foreign materials. Damaged parts must be removed. Fruits and vegetables should be peeled and cut into small, uniform pieces. Fish should be de-scaled and in some cases skinned before cutting into uniform pieces. The smaller the food piece, the faster it will dry. Selecting the appropriate temperature for drying is very important for good product quality too high temperatures can lead to product darkening, discolouration and case hardening. Too low temperatures can lead to slow drying and food spoilage. A good, safe temperature for drying many foods like above is 40 – 60˚C. However, this must also be accompanied by good air movement through the dryer.

Heat pump drying technology applied to food materials to heat sensitive materials, usually freeze-drying, drying costs are too high, while moderate heat pump drying with the drying conditions and drying parameters that is easy to control, and freeze-drying can preserve the quality of similar products. Moreover, the heat pump drying can maintain the better quality of dried products, heat pump drying in a closed structure, results in vitamins and other nutrients being retained and the drying of volatile components, First, the sensitivity of the food materials used in dry, easily oxidized material (such as flavour compounds and fatty acids) will produce in the dry oxidation process, the flavour, colour and rehydration are worse. Second, the heat pump drying also belongs to convective drying is more suitable for drying granular materials, Heat pump drying of food materials using the new drying medium, through the application of inert gas to replace air as the drying medium, so the resulting dry product during the drying process will not produce oxidation reaction, and the product quality is further improved.

Heat pump fluidized bed dryer design and use can significantly improve drying quality, and the initial investment and running costs are far lower than the low-temperature drying.

Heat Pump Drying Preserves Food

Drying removes the moisture from the food so that bacteria, yeasts and moulds cannot and spoil the food. It also slows down the action of enzymes but does not inactivate them. When the food is ready for use, the water is added back and the food returns to its original shape. Foods can be dried in an oven or in a food dehydrator by using the right combination of warm temperatures, low humidity and air current.

Preparation and Pre-Treatments for Food Drying

The optimum temperature for drying food is 40˚C. If higher temperatures are used, the food will cook instead of drying. When the food cooks on the outside and the moisture cannot escape, “case hardening” can occur. The food will eventually mould. Thus, the drying process should never be hurried by raising the drying temperature low humidity aids drying process food contains a lot of water to dry food the water must move from the food to the surrounding air increasing the air current speeds up drying by moving the surrounding moist air away for the food to speed the drying time, increase the air flow operation instructions of mushroom drying application temperature heating meter settle the range temperature of automatic heating from 40 to 60 degrees. Low temperature it will heat high temperature it will stop then this can keep the constant temperature in the drying equipment dehumidification meter settle the range humidity of automatic dehumidification the error can be controlled under 3 % which can control the humidity automatically 3time controlling we can settle it at the certain time blower button start the blower which will make the average temperature and good drying effect.

Food Dryers for Dehumidification at 30°c to 80°c

We offer industrial scale heat pump food dehydrator systems to dry any product that is ideally dried between 30°c and 80°c Gentle, low temperature and controlled drying means consistent, high-quality output. Ideal to preserve colour and taste of food products low operating costs due to very high energy efficiency (up to 60% reduction in energy costs versus traditional drying technologies). Less energy use also means less waste heat generated in the space where the dryer operates, further increasing operating savings. As opposed to solar drying, the drying temperature and humidity are not affected by ambient conditions. Every day is a perfect drying day the drying systems consists a dehumidifier a chamber and product trays. Depending on the type of product and the amount of moisture that needs to be removed, these items are combined into a system.

As part of our service, we can work together with you to determine the optimal drying cycle and design the best drying system for your product. Below we describe each of the components and some common combinations, our standard units.

Vegetable Dryer

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