Heat Pump Meat Dryer Chennai

Scanair fish dryer machine adopts international standard quality which is suitable for small and medium scale production. The smallest type can be operated by only one person, and this machine needs no installation, it can put into production directly when the machine is delivered. The customers can purchase one or more dryer according to your needs. Also, we offer customized dryer for them. The machine can able to set the drying program of temperature and humidity in the drying process which will truly dry the materials in the good quality. Scanair heat pump dryer widely used to dry fish, meat, herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, seafood, noodles, etc., The materials after drying will have good quality and nice appearance. Also, it has less energy consumption. Compared with the traditional dryer, it can save 70 % energy and the drying capacity can improve 50 % in production.

Scanair Heat pump dryer running cost just as 40% of oil dryer, 50% of coal burning boiler, 30% of electric boiler. Heat pump dehumidification drying method of the closed cycle, saving costs, no exhaust waste heat emissions, no noise pollution, environmental protection etc, Methods of heat pump Drying process material no deformation, no cracking, no-discoloration, no deterioration, and no oxidation, thorough drying after drying and rehydration, less loss of nutrients, the long storage period, more than any conventional drying equipment to more effectively protect the color of the dried material, smell, last, individual form and active ingredients.

Scanair can design and fabricate drying equipment according to customers requirements like a walk in Drying Chamber, tray dryer, drying room, conveyor drying tunnel, Elevated Temperature, Cold room with humidity control, heated room with humidity control etc, installation and operation made easy, just need connecting with drying chamber plug and play.


Fish and Meat Dryer

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