Industrial Heat PumpsThere are major differences between the market for residential heat pumps and those for industrial heat pumps. While standardized products are generally satisfied for the residential market, the majority of heat pump applications for industries involve special conditions to which products must be adapted. Moreover, a high level of expertise is crucial. The industrial sector is of course a large energy consumer. Since good design is essential for the long-term reputation of the technology. Scanair India addresses ourselves as a installers, manufacturers and consulting engineers of Industrial Heat Pumps. Industrial applications show a great variation in the type of drive energy, heat pump size, operating conditions, heat sources and the type of application. The heat pump units are generally designed for a specific application, and are therefore unique.

Scanair Industrial Heat Pumps are engineered for demanding process fluid heating applications and incorporate the latest in industry leading designed and control. Package with enhanced futures and hi performance refrigeration components our self contained world class imported scroll technology compressor is used for manufacturing these units, which ensures reliable operation, energy efficient system and environmental protection. Our heat ex-changer for Freon to water heating is manufactured with multiple injection flow technology with Freon circuit, dynamically balanced blower fan and evaporator. The condensers are specially designed to assure better efficiency and energy saving, the act as an important factor in industry for any equipment will maintained temperature range from +5to + 80˚ C ˚ ± 2˚ C, capacity from  5Kw to 5000Kw with different flow capacity.

Scanair industrial heat pumps can be used in special applications like aquamarine industry where the sea water cooling & heating with titanium gasket heat ex-changer for corrosion free life for many years of trouble free operation. We have a wide range of heating fluid solution like ethylene glycol for chemical industry propylene glycol for food industry and also other fluid can be used directly in our ex-changer. TITANIUM is the only heat ex-changer material proven to be 100% fresh and coral safe in saltwater systems. The Scanair heat pumps are built with an oversized helical titanium coil in the heat ex-changer to maximize calories in heat transfer efficiency. These heat pumps are designed new generation styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing

Scanair heat pumps are currently installed in the few industry however, as environmental regulations become stricter, industrial heat pumps can become an important technology to reduce CO2 emissions, improve efficiency, and limit the use of ground water for cooling. To ensure the sound application of heat pumps in industry, processes should be optimized and integrated. Through process integration improved energy efficiency is achieved by thermodynamically optimizing total industrial processes. An important instrument for process integration is pinch analysis, a technology to characterize process heat streams and identify possibilities for heat recovery. Such possibilities may include improved heat ex-changer networks, co-generation and heat pumps. Pinch analysis is especially powerful for large, complex processes with multiple operations, and is an excellent instrument to identify sound heat pump opportunities.

The major types of industrial heat pumps are, air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, solar heat pumps.

Applications of Industrial Heat Pumps

Industrial Heat Pumps are mainly used for space heating, heating and cooling of process, water heating for washing, sanitation and cleaning, pre heating for steam production, drying/dehumidification, evaporation, distillation, concentration, Leather Drying, Salt Drying, Laundry Drying, Latex Drying, Ceramic Drying, Mattress Drying, Paint Shop Drying, Tumble Drier, Fish Drying, Spices Drying, Mango Drying, Dhal Drying, Meat Drying, Fruits/Vegetable Drying, Tea Leaves Drying, Herbal Drying, Turmeric Drying, Ginger Drying, Garlic Drying etc,.

Industrial Heat Pumps